Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Repair for Your Car

Despite the many advances in technology over the years, at least one element has remained which continues to put any advantages these technologies may have to moot. That element, of course, is human error.

Sometimes, the effects of this element may be relatively negligible at best; for instance, when a person forgets to unplug his phone’s charger after a long charge, causing the battery to get fried.

In other cases, however, the consequences are much more severe, like when a car crashes due to an accident. Even when we take human injury out of the equation, the deformation the car goes through would be more than enough to give anyone headaches up to the roof.

Fortunately, humans are just as adept at fixing problems as they are at making them. For the above case in particular, we have car restoration services that repair vehicles and polish them to look brand new again. Some will even go beyond mere body repairs by offering to pimp out your ride should you want it.

That said, the probability for human error is still there; this time in the form of bad judgment calls regarding which car repair shops to go to. Below are a few of pointers to prevent you from falling into more misfortune.

Avoid repair shops that seek hassle-free business for both parties.

The “hassle-free” part should only factor in for the customer, not the shop. You’ll know that a shop isn’t all that interested in putting in the necessary work when they insist that your car needs only partial repairs even though it’s clear that a complete overhaul should be called for. Another is when they conveniently “forget” to tell you about parts repairs which are in fact shouldered by insurance companies.

The usual telltale sign of shops like this is when they emphasize cheap prices over quality repairs. Avoid these shops at all cost.

Be wary of insurers out to make a fast buck.

Some insurance companies have certain car repair centers attached to them. While this is often all well and good, there will be instances when said repair centers – in tandem with their corresponding insurers – won’t exactly have your best interests in mind. Specifically, these kinds of repair shops will fix damages in the shortest time and easiest way possible, with quality as a trade-off.

Whenever possible, avoid going to repair shops specified by your insurance company. Better yet, do a thorough background check first on your insurer before committing to it.

Have all your car’s repairs done under one roof.

Some repair shops have a reputation for giving the best jobs in certain aspects. For example, one shop may be renowned for the bang up job they do with windshield repairs, while another may specialize in paint restoration.

While having different parts of your car serviced in different shops isn’t necessarily bad per se, there is always the off-chance that it may come out looking like Frankenstein’s monster if you don’t keep a close eye on things; that is, parts may look disjointed from each other.

To save you from this, go to a shop which covers every aspect of car repair, like D&D Body Shop. D&D has the qualifications, certifications, and – most importantly – experience to ensure your car gets the best overall makeover it deserves; from the ICAR-Gold certified technicians capable of handling any car model to the facilities equipped with state-of-the-art gear, and to the top notch service D&D offers.

With D&D Body Shop, not only will your car be fully functional again, but it will look seamlessly spiffy to boot.

Kames Geraghty

I build semi-useful things for the Internet.