An Open Letter to New Car Owners

Dear new car owner,

Congratulations! So, you now have your first job, invested in a decent wardrobe collection for work, and a car you’re buying on your own without the help of your parents (Well, there’s that cash they gave you during your graduation that you used for your car payment, but at least they didn’t buy the entire car. Hurray for independence!)

Let me tell you, a car is a solid investment that you can make now that you are a member of the working class. Of course, you would want to take very good care of it making sure that nothing untoward happens to it, especially when you are driving.  However, there are instances that we don’t have control over the actions of others on the road that we end up finding ourselves in a situation that we would rather not be in.

When choosing a body repair shop to help you fix your car and restore its former glory, there are things that you would have to make sure that it has.

  • Should be an authorized repair shop that can be entrusted to repair your car’s brand.  There are car service stations that can cater to a lot of brands but the best thing to do is to bring it to a shop that knows how best to handle the repair of your particular brand of car.
  • Must have the necessary equipment to do the repairs for your car
  • Have a pool of highly skilled people and trained personnel. This is important because these skilled workers would know best how to go about the windshield repair as well as the other parts and portions of the car that needs to be repaired.
  • Must be a member of the AAA Direct Repair Network.  This would mean that your car is in good hands because only members of this repair network can be trusted to repair damaged vehicles and restore its original condition.
  • Have technicians that are I-CAR and Factory certified.  This means that their guys are trained to work on these big name brands without any problems. They know how to go about with the repairs as they have been trained to be good on this job.

It is really a hassle when you encounter a situation wherein you find yourself thinking of how and where to have your car repaired. Car restoration is no laughing matter.  When your car is damaged, its integrity can already be questioned. This is most especially when the motor and the chassis of the car have been assessed as badly damaged.  Repair shops that do not have the right certifications can be alright for minor repairs; however, when repairs are of the serious kind, then it is better to bring your damaged car to a repair shop that can be trusted to bring it back closest to its original configuration. But then, can you risk settling for hole-in-the-wall repair shops even for minor repairs?

Aside from the repairs, it is also great to go to a car shop that offers warranty. This means that the shop is not afraid to take in any repairs should there be something off after they have repaired the car. But this does not mean that they would not complete the job before releasing the car.  D&D Body Shop makes sure that each car that goes out of their compound is as good as new, as if it was the day that it was first bought.  I know that this guarantee can be trusted as my car has also been under their care for one time and I have not been back ever since.  They did a really good job on my car that I feel like I’m driving a brand new car everyday.

So, there it is. I hope you will have a great time with your independence. Believe me, some help from D&D Body Shop went a long way for me. 

Kames Geraghty

I build semi-useful things for the Internet.