Car Problem Solved With D&D Body Shop

As a working woman who has to send three kids to school every day, my car is one of the most important things in my life, and that's no exaggeration! Just imagine the hours I save on my daily commute because I drive myself to work instead of taking the bus. Besides, with everybody in a hectic pace every single day, the time I spend with my kids on the car while driving them to school is just the right amount of quality time I can spend with them, exchanging bits of news of their school activities, their friends, and other trivial matters. It may be negligible for some, but for me, it's perhaps the longest time I get to spend with them, because they're practically too busy with homework or talking with their friends on the phone once I get home from work in the evenings. So, yes, I have to thank my car for not just my smooth sailing professional life, but also for giving me time to do a little bonding with my kids.

So, just imagine my horror when I rammed right into a backing car when I was about to leave my office building's parking lot a week ago. Eager to get home after a day's work, I was raring to get home when out of nowhere, this car was backing into the empty parking slot beside me. Alas, the driver may have overshot, not seeing that I was about to get out in the spot beside the place where he was about to park in. The left side of his car's bumper had a huge dent, and as for me, my right headlights were visibly cracked, not to mention there was a very visible dent in my right fender. 

So, after profuse apologies from either camp with both of us assuring each other that it was an accident and really nobody's fault, we exchanged numbers and promised each other that we will get everything straightened out with the insurance companies the next day. But then, I realized I need a body shop ASAP. It's a risk to drive home with a damaged headlight in the evening without any traffic cops telling me to pull to the side. I don't think it's a risk I'm willing to take, so I called my husband on my cell phone to see what I should do.

Good thing, hubby quickly answered and told me that yes, I do need to get the car fixed in a collision repair shop the soonest. And not just in any shop, but in D&D Body Shop on N.Amplett Blvd. It got me into wondering why I canโ€™t just go into any body shop and have the whole thing over and done with. He replied that I might as well go with the best collision repair center in the area, with the best facilities and equipment. Besides, why should I settle for less when I can have my car repaired by I-CAR Gold certified professionals?

And so I hastily went to D&D Body Shop and luckily did not get caught by the police that I was driving with a wonky headlight. I went in and I have to say, I was impressed with the way my car was repaired. It was practically restored into its brand new glory! I have to say, I appreciate the difference of having a car that not only looks new, but actually feels new too. 

Now, I am driving my car looking and feeling as good as new, thanks to D&D Body Shop. Iโ€™ve never been relieved to have my car returned to me and continue my convenient and fulfilled life!

Kames Geraghty

I build semi-useful things for the Internet.