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Having to deal with a car involved in a collision accident can be a stressful situation to be in. First, you have to get in contact with your insurance company, which will most likely have a direct repair program wherein the first option you will be presented with is using their "preferred" body repair shop. You will be lured with the promise of affordable cost, since the insurance company has struck a deal with this company to bring in more business. The thing here is, will you be given the high quality level of repair you are expecting for your damaged car?

This is where you have the option of selecting a shop of your own choosing. Often the "preferred" shop of the insurer will present a warranty guarantee supported by the insurer. But with the quality of the repair in question, you may realize that choosing the shop yourself would be a better idea. This selection should happen even before any accident takes place. In events such as a collision, you should anticipate them before they happen, because deciding on what to do, like choosing which collision repair center you will be entrusting your car to, will be more difficult. Your stress levels and emotional responses may cloud your judgement and make you settle for just any available repair shop. So, while everything is still all right and the situation is still calm, use your better judgement and pick the best repair center.

As with any product or service, the vehicle owner should make a choice of shop based on a number of factors. One of these factors is location. How can you readily take advantage of even the best service for your damaged car if the center you choose is hundreds of miles away from you? If you are in the San Mateo area, there is no need to look in the city’s nooks and crannies, when there is a collision repair shop conveniently located at 955 N. Amphlett Blvd? DnD Body Shop is located well within the center of the city, so there won’t be any problem finding it.

When it comes to reputation, DnD Body Shop has established itself as well. After all, it has sprawling facilities that spell professional all over. The equipment used, orderliness, and cleanliness gives even the most discriminating customer the assurance that his or her car will be given the best treatment available. 

In the field of fixing vehicles damaged by collision, there are only a few facilities that can pride themselves on knowing how to handle the wide array of vehicles in the market, from the Toyotas and Hondas to Ferraris and Mercedes Benzes and even Fords and GMs. The expertise required to handle these varied vehicles can only be achieved with technicians undergoing the proper training. That’s another edge of technicians at DnD Body Shop. With their I-CAR Gold certification, customers are assured their vehicles are handled by technicians extensively and intensively trained to tackle repair jobs on cars of any model made in any year; and that’s a quality not every repair shop can pride itself with.

Kames Geraghty

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