Looking Beyond Cost in Finding a Collision Repair Center

Any collision repair job should be costly. As a car owner, you need to know that to get the best possible workmanship for your car, you have to get the best people, armed with the finest qualifications, using the best equipment, and working in the best facilities.  With that, you also need to be sure that the facility working on your car has the intention of restoring your car to its former condition, so that it can be back on the road safely, and as soon as possible. 

State laws may require car owners to have vehicle insurance, giving you the first option to have yourdamaged car be fixed by the body shop of your insurer’s choosing.  Of course, you do not really expect a top-notch job from that shop.  For one, the business would be paid by the insurance company, which means it will definitely be paid less, considering the insurance company will need to maintain a profit margin.  So, it will request for the shop to fix your car the best it could in the fastest way possible.  We all know how rush jobs end.

Thus, you would need a second opinion from another shop, which will most likely give you a higher estimate.  Naturally, you might be enticed to go for the cheaper one, considering it was referred by your insurer.  But if you think your car deserves to be done the best way possible, look for a reliable, fair, and most qualified collision repair center, so you won’t have to regret anything afterwards.

The key to finding one is not to pick the most affordable option, but also don’t go for the most expensive shop.  The cheapest option will get you shoddy workmanship, inferior replacement parts, and mechanics who don’t really care what your car will be like by the time they are done with it, as long as they get paid.  But at the same time, the most expensive option may not be within your budget.  It is enough that you will already be burdened by your car’s condition, so having to think of an empty wallet because you have to pay for expensive car repair may be too much.  Try to find a middle ground because as with anything else, you always get the service you pay for. 

There would be no source of information regarding repair shops as reliable as your friends and colleagues.  Those who have cars may already have experience in collision repair.  You can definitely benefit from whatever advice they can give you, especially if they refer you to a facility within the San Mateo area. 

Look into these referrals and aside from finding out how much they charge, consider how competent their mechanics are and what equipment they use.  Do they have I-CAR certified professionals who have the expertise to restore your car, be it an Italian, German, American or Japanese model?  Does the shop have the proper equipment to fix your car?  Does it have spacious facilities to accommodate your damaged vehicle?

Combine these factors and you have a repair center like D&D Body Shop.  You don’t have to make do with the body shop your insurance company will refer you to.  And yes, rest assured you would be getting a fully restored car that won’t look like it underwent a lot!

Kames Geraghty

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