Practical and Top-Notch Car Restoration in San Mateo

As a car owner, I consider myself practical. I have a car, and so does my husband. As I am the one tasked to bring the kids to school and back, not to mention I want the car we bring to family trips and such, I have what most call the family type of car – a mini-van. As for maintenance, I am quite careful with my vehicle, and take all the necessary precautions for it. Of course, I have insurance for the vehicle and me, I drive carefully, and I make sure I subject the vehicle to regular tune-ups. The car is pretty basic and no-frills, which is quite reflective of my personality. I do not feel the need to put all the bells and whistles to it, and detailing and those other things my husband does to his beloved car is out of the question.

The minivan has served all of us well for more than three years, and true to my practical philosophy, I’m not having it fixed, because nothing is broken with it. That is, until it started showing signs of wear and tear. Somehow, small dents just appear out of nowhere, with me not knowing where they came from. The paint on some areas is slowly chipping away. Suffice to say it looks like it has seen better days. I would not say I am vain on these things, as it goes against my practical leanings, but when I took a long, hard look at my car, I knew I had to have it fixed. I figured out a one time-big time job would do the trick, so that I wouldn’t have to keep on coming back to a car restoration shop every year. That would be the practical thing to do, right?

So, I asked my hubby where I can have my car fixed so it can look as good as new. I knew that just bringing it in some hole in the wall body repair shop will end up in a job which will require having the car restored yearly, which would be more costly. So, might as well have it fixed by a top notch facility. He went with me to D&D Body Shop on North Amphlett Boulevard, which he says is the only shop he trusts for his beloved top down. He said it did a spectacular job in windshield repair when he needed it last winter when the winter storm damaged it when he drove all the way to Oregon to visit his sister. I figured, if he really waited to have the cracked windshield repaired all the way back to sunny San Mateo, CA, then he must really trust this place.

What impressed me with D&D is not really the equipment they use nor the space they have for all the cars they accommodate for repair, although both are quite impressive. What sold me to their services is that fact that all of their technicians are I-CAR Gold certified, which means they know how to fix anything from old cars to the latest ones fresh out of the market. My minivan looked brand new once they were done with it, and

I expected no less.

So for anywhere out there who consider themselves practical, I advise to never settle for overly affordable body repair shops working in ill-equipped garages that will ultimately drain you of money in the long run. Go with a service that’s top-notch from the start, like D&D Body Shop in San Mateo. Now, that’s practical.

Kames Geraghty

I build semi-useful things for the Internet.